Our Team

  • Steven Fisher, CFP®<br><br>

    Steven Fisher, CFP®


  • Stephen

    Stephen "Patrick" Fallon, CFP®, CRC®


  • Lee Barnard, CRC®, CWS®<br><br>

    Lee Barnard, CRC®, CWS®


  • George Goodroe, CFP®<br><br>

    George Goodroe, CFP®

    Registered Representative

  • Charles S. Campana<br><br>

    Charles S. Campana

    Registered Representative

  • Michelle Engle, CRPC®<br><br>

    Michelle Engle, CRPC®

    Financial Advisor

  • Angela Maraj<br><br><br>

    Angela Maraj

    Registered Representative

  • Deidre Fernald, CFP®

    Deidre Fernald, CFP®

    Director of Financial Planning

  • David J. Constantino<br><br>

    David J. Constantino

    Registered Representative

  • Natalie Keirn<br><br><br>

    Natalie Keirn


  • Darby Lerner<br><br><br>

    Darby Lerner

    Administrative Assistant

  • Pam Goebel<br><br><br>

    Pam Goebel

    Administrative Assistant to Lee

  • Carol Holton<br><br><br>

    Carol Holton

    Administrative Assistant to Patrick & Steven

  • Heather Sweet Alonzo

    Administrative Assistant